Companies are now switching to Google Cloud. Is it worth to switch?


When it comes to Cloud, there is no doubt that the Amazon Web Services (AWS) is still dominating the cloud market. Amazon Web Services remains as number one in the cloud market claiming that it has 32.3% of the market share. Microsoft Azure claims that it holds 16.5% of the market and holds the second position. The Google Cloud gets a third position claiming about 9.5% of the market share.

In 2018, Google made some major changes. Google has appointed Thomas Kurian (former Oracle executive) in the place of Diane Greene.

Google Cloud wants to stand out of the middle in the cloud market than it’s competitors by offering a lower pricing model than it’s competitors. Kubernates is one of the biggest success for Google. Kubernates is an open source platform for managing containerized applications are becoming more popular and powerful.

There’s no doubt that some of the big companies like Snapchat, Netflix and Spotify are now switched to Google cloud.